Heartfelt 40th Birthday Wishes For A Friend

40th Birthday Wishes

40th Birthday Wishes : Happy 40th birthday wishes mark a big milestone  turning the age of 40  making it official that the birthday boy or girl is now middle-aged. Although some people feel sad when they clock the mid-age as they feel they are closer to aging that been young but trust me writing a special 40th birthday wishes for them can change their mindset and make them happy.

40th Birthday Wishes

40th Birthday Wishes

Life is a book and your forties are the chapters when it all starts making sense. Happy 40th birthday.

Congrats on turning the big 4-oh. You’ve accomplished so much in your life, and to think, you’re just getting started.

Today is the big day! May you spend it celebrating with good friends and great food, making fantastic memories! Happy 40th birthday!

Happy Birthday. This milestone birthday means that you are officially wiser, more experienced, and of course, even more awesome!

A new chapter of your life begins today. May this year be full of blessings, surprises, and opportunities. May God bless you more with all the things you dream of and all the things you need. Happy 40th birthday!

Sure, your 30s are over. Good riddance, I say. The 40s are going to be so much better…in every way. So enjoy your 40th! 40th Birthday Wishes

With so many wonderful accomplishments under your belt, I am sure that you hold no regrets up to this point in your life. Celebrate this beautiful milestone. Happy 40th birthday

By this time in your life, you have touched so many lives and led a good example to those around you. Stay bright and inspiring. Best forty birthday.

Funny 40th Birthday Wishes

Happy 40th birthday! At this age, I pray that mid-life crisis will have mercy on you and leave you alone.

Life is short. Even teenagers think life’s very short. At your age, I shudder to imagine how incredibly short life must be looking to you right about now. Happy 40th birthday.

If there is one thing that’s great about turning 40, it’s this: you can blame anything and everything on having a mid-life crisis. Congrats and happy birthday. 40th Birthday Wishes

Happy 40th Birthday! Oh, and if you wake up feeling like crap tomorrow, it’s not a hangover – that’s just what it’s like being old.

So, I was just wondering… how old should we tell everyone you are this year? I don’t think anyone would believe that you’re turning 35 again for the fifth year in a row. Happy 40th Birthday!

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Hey pal, remember when you were in your thirties and you talked about dreading turning forty? Of course you do, that was just yesterday. Well, at least you’ve got a ways to go before 50. Happy birthday and don’t cry. It’s not that bad.

Happy 40th Birthday Wishes

You have the energy of someone half your age and the wisdom of someone double your age. Happy 40th Birthday to a truly remarkable person.

OMG! You’re the absolute best… I can’t thank you enough for turning forty before I did. I owe you big time, so the cake is on me. Happy 40th birthday.

Make sure you live life in a way that when time machines are invented, you can proudly say ‘I don’t want to go back in time because I have lived my life in the best possible way’. Happy 40th birthday.

Happy 40th birthday to a dear friend. I hope that today marks another decade filled with happiness, joy and laughter. You truly deserve the best and I feel very lucky to call you a friend. 40th Birthday Wishes

With the many accomplishments you have achieved, I’m pretty sure you have no regrets at this point in your life. So let’s celebrate this wonderful milestone with a one big celebration! Happy 40th birthday!

Happy 40th birthday! You have become a middle-aged man/woman and there’s absolutely nothing that you can do about it! Enjoy life in the middle lane!

Here is there is forty candles on your birthday cake. But I don’t guess you don’t have enough breath. I think, before the fire doesn’t surrounds around us you should blow the candles. Happy 40th birthday.

You and wine have plenty in common. Like wine, you get more and more delicious every year — certainly more priceless. Now let’s celebrate your 40th birthday!

With so many wonderful accomplishments under your belt, I am sure that you hold no regrets up to this point in your life. Celebrate this beautiful milestone. Happy 40th birthday!

All the things that you haven’t done in your 30s is a chance for you to achieve in your 40s. Have a great chapter ahead. Happy 40th birthday!

Female Happy 40th Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday, lady! No one would ever guess that you’re 40 years old, and with the proper bribe, I won’t tell them!

Turning 40 is a celebration of life, a milestone of achievements, wisdom and adventures. Look how far you have come. Congratulations! Happy Birthday my dear!

Don’t imprison yourself in thoughts of how life has gone by. Free yourself in the hope of what lies ahead. Happy birthday. 40th Birthday Wishes

If you think middle age is bad, you just wait and see the horror old age brings with it! Appreciate your 40s and enjoy it while you still can. Happy 40th birthday!

I hear from everyone it is your 40th birthday. Congrats most important part of life is starting today. Happy birthday dear.

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Life does begin at forty. Your kids may not think so, but what do they know anyway? Your 40th birthday is a new beginning! It’s the perfect time to reinvent yourself!

Happy Birthday to a person whose effervescence extends beyond your 40th! The liveliness of your demeanor is a perfect example of eternal youth!

40th Birthday Wishes For Son

You’ve always been a good-looking dude. Now you’re a good-looking older dude. Happy 40th Birthday to you my son!

Happy Birthday. You are celebrating a special birthday today! Wishing you a marvelous time and a great day!

Happy birthday to you, my son! 20 years more and you’ll be receiving your pension. That also means 20 years away from your lifetime of vacation and freedom from life’s obligations! Enjoy your 40!

You look absolutely amazing for someone who has just turned 40. Don’t let age hinder you from achieving all your goals, for you’re still tremendously young. Happy birthday, dearest!

Bravo on turning 40! Turning this age doesn’t make you an old man. You’re still physically and mentally young. Enjoy these wonderfully good times, while they last! 40th Birthday Wishes 

Happy 40th birthday! The older you get, the younger you look for your age. At this rate, you’re going to soon start getting carded at bars and casinos.

Maturity and wisdom are great assets to have, but they are useless if you don’t unburden your life’s liabilities with smiles and laughter. Happy 40th birthday son.

Here’s to another 40 years! I have really treasured our friendship all these years. I hope you have a fun birthday with spectacular memories that last a lifetime.

40th Birthday Wishes For A Friend

Being 40 means that you have experienced enough to know what you want and are still young enough to go after it. I hope that you acquire everything that you pursue!

With so many wonderful accomplishments under your belt, I am sure that you hold no regrets up to this point of your life. Celebrate this beautiful milestone. Happy 40th birthday!

Turning 40 is not as bad as they say- it means your awesome, cool, smart, and hip, times forty! What could be bad about that? Happy 40th you my friend.

About forty years ago, the first email was sent in 1971, Sony Walkman was made in 1978 and disco became popular in the seventies. Wow, you were born in such a cool decade. Happy 40th birthday. 40th Birthday Wishes

Happy 40th birthday, my friend! Now is the perfect chance to do all those things that you have not done in your thirties. Travel far, climb that mountain, learn how to fly a plane, or get married again!

Happy 40th Birthday my friend. Special candles have been lit in honor of this big milestone that you have reached! Have a great day and don’t forget that you still look fabulous!

At this point in your life, I’m certain that you have touched the lives of so many people around you. Please continue to do so and live a life that will inspire many more people around you! Stay happy my friend, happy 40th!

Happy 40th birthday! Don’t worry about hitting middle-age. At this age, your skin might start wrinkling faster, but take solace in the fact that it’s a million times better than the alternative – six feet deep in the ground!

Get older is must in the world but if you think so much about this, exactly you feel so older. The most importantly is to don’t think past or future. Just think moment that you live. Happy birthday be always happy.

Say goodbye, adieu, adios, arrivederci, cheerio, sayonara, au revoir or so long to your 30s. May they rest in peace! Say hello, howdy, bonjour, buenos dias or what’s up to 40! Long live the 40s.

40th Birthday Wishes For Men

Welcome to 40, an age when you’re still young at heart, but other body parts are starting to falter.

The older I get the more I realize if you think about how old you are it only makes you feel older. So today don’t do too much thinking. Just be. Happy 40th…. Oops. I mean, happy birthday. That’s all.

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Your energy and vivacity would make even the most agile of teenagers jealous! Never change, keep being the most fun and reliable friend you have always been! Happy 40th birthday! 40th Birthday Wishes

Can you believe it? You’ve made it to your 40th despite of the many years of heartaches, hardships, and challenges. It’s rare for someone to accomplish the amazing journey that you’ve had! Happy fortieth birthday, my friend!

Happy Birthday. Your big day is here so it’s time to celebrate you and all that you have accomplished over the years. I hope you have the best day ever!

Happy 40th birthday to one of the most inspirationally young person I know! I swear if I didn’t know your actual age, I would say you didn’t know your real age and that you were a decade younger.

Funny Happy 40th Birthday Wishes Friend

Don’t think of it as your 40th birthday. Think of it as the 20th anniversary of your 20th birthday. Happy Birthday Anniversary!

They say the real secret to staying young is to just lie about your age. So how old are you really? I guess we’ll never know- anyway, happy 40th (airquotes) birthday.

Happy birthday to an incredibly wonderful 40-year-old! Anyone who doesn’t know that life truly begins at 40 knows nothing. This is the most wonderful chapter of your life. I hope you have as much fun as possible.

Congratulations! You’re officially a grown up! They say that the first forty years of childhood are tough- kudos to you for making it through. Happy 40th birthday, to my friend who just joined adulthood. 40th Birthday Wishes

By the time Jeff Bezos was 40, he was a billionaire. All you can boast of are saggy skin and a bundle of midlife crisis. Happy 40th, though!

40th Birthday Quotes

“Middle age is when you’re sitting at home on a Saturday night and the telephone rings and you hope it isn’t for you.”

– Ogden Nash

“You’ll learn, as you get older, that rules are made to be broken. Be bold enough to live life on your terms, and never, ever apologize for it.”

– Mandy Hale

“The great thing about getting older is that you don’t lose all the other ages you’ve been.”

– Madeleine L’Engle

“At age 20, we worry about what others think of us. At age 40, we don’t care what they think of us…”

– Ann Landers

“The great thing about getting older is that you get a chance to tell the people in your life who matter, what they mean to you.”

– Mike Love

“You are as young as your faith, as old as your doubt; as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear, as young as your hope, as old as your despair.”

– Frank Crane

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