8 Resale Sites Like Poshmark To Sale Off Used Clothes

Sites like poshmark – With poshmark you can make extra money from selling your used clothes to other persons who are very much interested and also buy used cloth too at cheap rate. With categories for men, women and kids too you are sure to get whatever you definitely need.

This blog post is a list of poshmark alternatives, Have it in mind that that is not a comparison of other sites like poshmark but it’s a recommendation to users who would one to try out similar selling sites like poshmark.

Sites Like poshmark
Resale Sites Like poshmark

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1. Vinted

Vinted is a free mobile application that allows you to find new individual shopping and marketing experience. It is one of the finest and most comfortable to use apps that comprises several of the world’s best labels such as Nike, Classy Brandy Melville, and Ralph Lauren, and so on.

It offers several new functionality and highlights to upgrade your shopping experience. The most intriguing and pleasant thing about this application is that it permits its clients to discover close by sellers by use location channels to detect the best deals in your general locality and spare delivery costs.

2. ThredUP

As you search for Poshmark alternatives, you’ll find a ton of online marketplaces that focus on luxury brands. Yes, the prices may be slashed by more than half, but the average person may still be unable to afford them.

thredUP stands out because they focus on brands you can see at the mall. They make things easy for the seller by offering a payout estimator on their website. This allows sellers to get an estimate of how much their clothes are worth. In case nobody buys your items, you can ask for them to be returned or have thredUP recycle them.


ASOS is the English online fashion and beauty mobile app that primarily aimed at young adults. The app sells more than 850 brands as well as its ranges of accessories and clothes. With the help of this platform, you can easily find and save what you want.

You can discover as well as shop for everything you want on this platform. The app offers a powerful search bar that allows you to place title, type, brand, color, or price to browse items and buy all the trends. It is an alternative app to other fashion applications but offers lots of new features and upgrades that make it better than others.

4. Material World

Material World buy designer clothes from you — all you need to do is follow the instructions that come with their kit. They will then send you back a quote for your items, and will mail back the ones they don’t want, or donate them to charity. Material World don’t send cash though — you’ll need to put the money onto a Material World card.

Material World are serious about quality and sustainability, with the purpose of their site being that they want to help consumers who want to be ethical in their shopping decisions by having the opportunity to pass on items they have enjoyed but no longer need. The site is a true feast for the easy and easy to navigate and the pre-loved items are to die for.

5. TheRealReal

If you’re looking for designer items, check out TheRealReal. Everything is authenticated through their experts and they have a ton of items in their inventory.

Plus, you can get $25 off your first order of $25+ when you first sign up (they have some items that are cheaper so you can use this perk without spending thousands).

6. Depop

With over 15 million users, many of them young and high-profile influencers, Depop has staked its claim on the more creative side of fashion. Its setup and social aspect are similar to Poshmark, with some key differences. Sellers get paid immediately upon sale, instead of having to wait until the buyer “accepts” the purchase.

Depop charges 10% per sale plus PayPal fees, and the seller can choose whether to pay for shipping, which is tiered according to the package weight and size.

You can also swap on Depop. If a seller says they are open to swaps, you can direct message them about the item you’re interested in and ask them if they’re interested in anything that you’re selling. Once you agree on what to swap, you both list the items for an equal price and buy them from each other.

7. Refashioner

Refashioner is an indie girl’s dream, featuring “more avant-garde designers and interesting pieces of all sorts—it’s not all fancy,” says founder Kate Sekules. The site also tries to keep things advantageous for both buyer and seller, so if you’ve been hanging on to an ultra-unique piece, this might be the place to sell it.

“It’s hard to let go of the good stuff,” says Sekules. Plus, if you’re in the Big Apple, the site’s into doing events, so definitely keep an eye out for their next sartorial shindig.

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8. Tradesy

If you’ve been buying and selling used clothes online for some time now, then you’ve probably heard of Tradesy. It’s among the most popular fashion resale marketplaces.

The company helps millions of customers flip their wardrobe, access luxury brands at incredibly low prices, and contribute toward a greener environment.

In 2019, Tradesy raked in $1 billion in sales, which says a lot about the sheer number of people who trust their platform. Due to their  enormous user base, they also boast of the most extensive selection of used clothes, accessories, bags, and shoes.

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