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Sites Like Reddit – Reddit is a popular social network collection of forums where people can share news and content or comment on other people’s posts. The site is ranking 6th as the most social media most platform in the united states, It acclaims itself as the front page of the internet.

But recently there have been a huge distaste amongst most reddit users which has led to them looking for the best reddit alternative out there and if that is why you are here? then you are the right place to know the top sites like reddit.

sites like reddit
sites like reddit

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1. 4chan

4chan One of the most popular reddit alternative communities out there. The website is an imageboard that lets its users post images on their favorite boards and post comments on other people’s shares as well. Anyone and everyone can share their images and post comments on their favorite boards without needing an account at all.

You can participate in your favorite communities without having to register an account. 4Chan has different boards for everything you can think of that include but not limited to, music, video games, movies, technology, Japanese anime, etc. The board also has an adult section where all the NSFW pictures and stuff is posted for the adults. You can post anything anonymously by using any name you want when publishing your content.

2. Popurls

You can check current headlines trending in the world through news aggregator sites like Reddit and Popurls. They are fast, responsive and easy to use, ensuring that you are merely a click away from getting all the news on your screen.

PopUrls aggregates all the top news from some of the world’s most visited social news sites, encapsulating headlines of its sources almost immediately. Launched as early as 2006, this site is a great place to find all trending news from different websites under one roof.

Due to the sheer amount of content produced on Popurls, you may find the front page a little overwhelming initially. You can, however, create an account, log in and start customizing this site to your liking, putting the niche and content you like on the top and hide the sources you are not into.

With sites like Reddit and Popurls, there is a great chance that you’d come across a lot of things you never knew existed before. If you are looking fro a Reddit alternative, go for Popurls.

3. Voat

With almost same user interface, Voat can be called a true replica of Reddit. Founded in 2014, Voat allows you to post, comment or vote on any topic and are more lenient when it comes to content, posting, unlike Reddit which has gone hard in recent times to the type of content posted.

Just as the various categories in Reddit are called subreddits, the Voat has named them as subverses. You can create your own subverses, same as Reddit allows to create subreddits. The voting in Voat can be done with a simple up and down arrows. In fact, the Voat’s interface is more user-friendly when compared to Reddit.

4. ProductHunt

This site is primarily for a search for products available in the market, be it the latest tech products to the gaming tools. The website brings to its shoppers the best of everything! There is a good list of great products like website designs, mobile applications, coolest games, and many more from the tech field. Users can also create their product lists and share them across the website or to the world. One can also comment and share an opinion about a product or anything on the site.

5. Imgur

Imgur is One of the most popular site like reddit to find viral images, Imgur is a top image sharing platform. When it comes to images, Imgur is as robust as Reddit.

In fact, these two sites are closely associated as far as content is concerned. You will find a lot of content from Imgur on Reddit and vice versa. Imgur is able to drive millions of traffic every month. So, if you have a unique and interesting image, you can post it on Imgur to make it viral.

6. Digg

They collect the best of the web and bring it together on the homepage. What we like about this site is that it always puts the most voted pieces first for everyone to read.

Digg is a Reddit alternative and very similar site to reddit but it boast of a cleaner and neater UI. With such a clutter-less user interface combined with convenient navigation features, you can actually concentrate on the stuff you want to read and then ignore the rest. The best thing about Digg is that they will never promote anything that is not worth reading, so rest assured that entertainment is in plenty.

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7. Quora

Quora is another open discussion site like reddit, you can look upon it as a Reddit alternative. Quora has a respected list of followers and has gained huge popularity in recent times. More of a Question Answer forum, the user can ask questions on numerous topics and get replies to their queries from other users across the globe. Before posting a fresh question, you can search for your query in relevant topics and hopefully you will get your solution from the huge repository of questions and answers.

The site allows you to register with them and you can subscribe to their helpful newsletter on a regular basis. If you are an already expert in any of your own field or want to gain more expertise, you have the good option to give your opinion or advice in a related category.

8. Slashdot

We have not forgotten about the geeks out there. If you want to get the latest technology news out there then you better bookmark Slashdot on your browser. Slashdot offers the latest technology news from thousands of sources, however, finding each news and reading it on different websites is a real pain.

Slashdot makes it really simple for everyone to get the latest news. You can just visit this single site and get all the technology news from hundred different sources right on the front page. You can then take part in the discussions and comments to tell everyone what you think about the said story.

9. StumbleUpon

Stumbleupon is a Reddit Alternative website that features the latest news, stories, discoveries, and related content for users or ‘stumblers.’ Users can explore the site and content and discover amazing things in it. They can You can then keep stumbling, approve/disapprove content, save a page, or even share a page with anyone.

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10. Hubski

You can use Hubski to ensure you can get your items to be visible if you share things well enough. The general consideration of Hubski is that the site focuses mainly on ensuring the discourse at a time is sensible and controlled. People can use Hubski to focus on the content that is being highlighted and not on whether or not people are really likely to talk about it.


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