Sell Your Handmade Craft Online On Web Sites Like ETSY

Sites Like ETSY – Looking to sell your handmade crafts online and at a very handsome fee then Etsy is a go to online shopping site for you. With over 2million merchants on Etsy it is witout doubt one of the biggest Store online that you can sell your artistic or craftship work.

But just like every other selling platform too ETSY has it own cons too. Etsy sellers are facing more competition to sell off their handmade products. Etsy’s high listing fees means many sellers are looking for other sites like ETSY to sell of their products. This article is a look into of some of the best ETSY alternative sites.

sites like ETSY
sites like ETSY

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1. Artfire

The ArtFire marketplace is similar web site like Etsy in that only handmade goods, vintage items, and craft supplies can be sold on the platform.

The website offers three selling plans — standard, popular, and featured — that range in price from $4.95 per month to $40 per month. With the standard shop, there’s a listing fee of 23 cents per item.

One of ArtFire’s most unique features is that it allows shoppers to post “wanted” ads if they’re looking to have a specific item made.

2. Storenvy

Storenvy focuses on hand-selected, handmade goods from indie retailers. Average price points tend to be higher here than on Etsy, so you face less market saturation. It does, however, cater primarily to a young, hip demographic, which can spell trouble for some sellers.

Storenvy fees are a 10% commission from each sale, but it is otherwise free to use.

3. Zibbet

Zibbet is a great site like etsy to sell your handcrafted items because it allows you to sell on multiple channels in one location. For example, through Zibbet, you can sell on the Zibbet marketplace as well as the Etsy marketplace directly from their platform. This makes the selling process more convenient from a seller’s standpoint, and potentially saves you valuable time.

Additionally, you can make sure your inventory is properly listed across multiple platforms in one place. Other marketplaces that you can sell on from the Zibbet platform are the A.C. Moore Marketplace and through Stitch, a customizable website builder for selling handcrafted items.

What you can sell on Zibbet: handmade items, fine art, vintage goods, supplies, jewelry, home & living, kids, photography, wedding items, and digital downloads.

4. Big Cartel

Another etsy alternative is Big Cartel, which caters to artists, crafters and entrepreneurs by tailoring its community and resources to sellers of unique or handmade goods. The platform offers templates that can be customized to match your branding, you can use your own custom domain name, and Big Cartel offers marketing tools.

Sellers pay a flat monthly fee, depending on the number of products you sell. Shoppers buy directly from your store and can communicate with you through a contact form.

5. Bonanza

Bonanza is a web site like etsy where you can sell a wide variety of items, like health and beauty products and home and garden items, as well as crafts.

It’s another web site like etsy that you consider, It’s free to list stuff for sale on Bonanza. So you avoid paying that $0.20 fee per listing that you’re charged on Etsy. Bonanza is less competitive than Etsy. The website has just 25,000 sellers, which is much less than the 2.5 million sellers on Etsy.

There’s a huge array of categories to sell in proving pretty popular in the crafts market.

6. Spoonflower

Spoonflower is a marketplace for you. Spoonflower is half POD (print on demand, like GearLaunch) company, half craft marketplace. You, as a designer, upload your design where it can then be sold and printed on products for other customers. The difference with Spoonflower is that those products are only fabric, wallpaper or gift wrap.

Spoonflower sellers earn a minimum of 10% of each sale of their design and a maximum of 15%.

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7. IndieMade

IndieMade is designed for creative entrepreneurs who want more freedom in how they sell their products. With IndieMade you can create your own website with an integrated shopping cart, as well as add other content like audio, video, a blog, and a calendar. IndieMade also allows you to transfer your products from Etsy, or, with certain subscription plans, connect your site to your Etsy shop directly.

8. Aftcra

This online marketplace is only starting to make waves among crafters. While it isn’t popular, Aftcra can prove to be a nice avenue through which you can get your brand name in front of more targeted customers. Take note that Aftcra is currently open to sellers in the US only. And they’re strict about the products they accept. The company only accepts handmade products, and anything mass-produced is rejected right away.

Creating a shop at Aftcra doesn’t cost you anything. But you will be charged 7% of the total sale price. That’s a pretty reasonable rate in today’s standards. And if Aftcra manages to attract more buyers, then it could prove to be an excellent alternative to Etsy.

9. Redbubble

Redbubble is a free marketplace that’s designed to help thousands of artists reach new audiences to sell their work easier. As yet another option that allows you to simply focus on your artwork only, it’s yet another option to consider as you can add your designs to just about anything.

If your design sells, then Redbubble does the rest, from customer service inquiries to printing and shipping.  Simply upload your work and forget about it.

You get to adjust the price of your art to determine how much commission you’d like to earn.


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